Making a valuable contribution to your career

PTS Advance takes the time to understand your needs and motivations.

Our team brings deep industry knowledge and relationships to you to better match your expertise and objectives with the best opportunities in the market.

Talented people know other talented people.

That’s why we offer our candidate referral program.

Up to $500 per referral.

Tell your friends or associates to view all the PTS Advance job opportunities on our website

They need to enter your name and email address when they apply for a job at the PTS Advance web site.

After the referred employee has worked 500 hours for PTS Advance.

Referral Program Guidelines

  • A referral is only valid if a hire is made up to 90 days from receipt of your friends’ or co-workers’ resumes.
  • Referral amounts may vary based on the level of the position and length of the assignment.
  • Since duplicate names may be referred and/or located by our own recruiters, PTS Advance reserves the right to determine if a referral is due and to whom.