Current Job Openings

Instrumentation & Electrical Specialist
Texas City, TX
  • Direct Hire
  • Benefits: Health, Vision, Dental, 401K
  • Schedule: 9/80 (every other Friday off)
  • Estimated Start Date: March 2022
The Instrument and Electrical Specialist position was established to execute long and short term capital projects on the Texas City Styrene Unit, assist in planning and execution for styrene unit turnarounds, support the electrical and analyzer departments, provide technical knowledge to mechanical and process engineering groups, and provide electrical expertise to site management.
  • Participates in the development, budgeting, and execution of small capital projects on the styrene unit.  This will include generating formal and controlled work procedures and packages for implementation, collection and review of bids and supervising construction to ensure proper and cost effective project implementation.
  • Provides work packages for, supervise installation of, and prioritize and coordinate resources between projects for unit turn around work.  The work packages generated for projects will include installation, startup, and operating procedures, manuals, and technical drawings for the applicable contract and proprietary maintenance forces, ensuring proper project implementation.
  • Supervise and assist maintenance in identifying and correcting faults in a wide range of electrical and electronic equipment, including:  magnetic, static, variable speed and programmable logic controllers, instrumentation, control valves, motors, compressors, turbine generators, and control and indication circuitry to support uninterrupted unit operation.  
  • Provide direction and constraints on electrical work regarding local policies and engineering practices and continually update these policies and practices based on governing standards (NEC, OSHA, API, ANSI) to ensure personnel safety and equipment longevity.
  • Support the management of change system on the unit as a reference for electrical issues including safety, functionality, and applicability and perform necessary actions to ensure changes are properly implemented.
  • A background in the petrochemical industry 10+ years' experience in I&E
  • Knowledge of engineering contracting and project execution is essential
  • Strong knowledge of electrical standards and practices is key to interaction with vendors, contractors, managers and hourly personnel.
  • Contractor management and project development skills
  • TAR execution and management experience
  • Knowledge of NEC and applicable IEEE specifications
  • Knowledge of OSHA electrical safety requirements
  • Knowledge of electrical API and ANSI standards
  • High level of troubleshooting and problem solving skills
  • MS software including spreadsheets and databases (initiate and maintain)
  • Knowledge of maintenance practices, both predictive and preventive
  • Read and interpret complex schematics, wiring diagrams, blueprints and microfiche
  • Failure analysis
  • Knowledge of instrumentation, motors, motor controls, control valves, MOV's, PLC's, ladder logic, and discrete relaying
  • Knowledge of management of change procedures