Current Job Openings

Lab Technician - Onsite
Geismar, LA
Start: Oct 2023
Length: 6-8 months


  • Management systems (LIMS) to manage samples, testing, results, specifications, and reports.
  • Performing laboratory instrumental analyses (primarily gas chromatography) for product quality control and other compliance testing.
  • Performing wet lab bench chemistry analyses including, but not limited to color assays, corrosion tests, titrations, vapor pressure, TOC, pH, and specific gravity.
  • Maintaining sample cylinders, sample containers, sample labels, and other sampling systems.
  • Providing troubleshooting and effective communication in regard to laboratory instrument and system performance.
  • Maintaining adequate inventory of lab supplies and consumables to ensure lab operations.
  • Disposition of laboratory wastes according to laboratory procedures and regulatory requirements.
  • Monitoring test method performance using quality control tools.
  • Reviewing results to ensure data entered in LIMS is accurate, free of errors, and complete.
Reporting analytical data to customers in a timely manner.


  • Associates degree or higher in Chemistry or related field is preferred.
  • Two years laboratory experience is preferred.
  • Knowledge of gas chromatography and other analytical methods commonly used in the NGL and Natural Gas industry is preferred.
  • Knowledge of statistical quality control practices and ability to apply them in a laboratory environment.
  • Ability to learn and develop proficiency in LIMS, analytical software systems and general computer based training is essential.

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