Current Job Openings

Responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of a liquid CO2 production facility. 

Duties may include:
 ● Perform plant startups and shutdowns.
 ● Monitor and make operating adjustments to optimize efficiency
 ● Routine and preventative maintenance of pumps, compressors, refrigeration equipment, and control systems
 ● Railcar & truck loading
 ● Instrumentation calibration
 ● Operation and maintenance of analytical equipment including chromatographs
 ● Water treatment control
 ● Interacting with national and local product scheduling to meet customer requirements.

Provides Administrative Support for Facility Manager and Plant Technicians
 ● Responsible for all SAP activities for procure, receive, transfer and order supplies, equipment and vendors.
 ● Processes daily paperwork and reports as required
 ● Maintains office equipment and supplies
 ● Coordinates/manages other administrative tasks as assigned, based on local requirements and staffing levels

Complies with Regulatory Requirements:
 ● Fully supports, accurately completes, maintains, instills, and reinforces Airgas Health, Safety, and Environmental policies / procedures and relevant documentation at the facility
 ● Performs job duties in compliance with all local and federal governmental regulations (FDA, OSHA, EPA, DOT, cGMP, etc) , and all Air Liquide policies and procedures (including MOC's, PSSR's, and QIR's, etc)
 ● Assists Manager in Meeting Health, Safety, and Environmental Requirements
 ● Works safely and complies with company safety standards Shift coverage and rotation:
 ● May be assigned and must be willing to work rotating shifts
 ● May be required to carry be on call status and shares 'On-call' responsibilities at Facility as needed
 ● Follows policies and procedures on proper notification procedures for vacation scheduling, floating holidays, and personal days off
 ● Fills in for vacations and emergency shift relief coverage as situations warrant General Requirements
Skill Set/Knowledge/Expertise
 ● Experience in supporting a group of people in an industrial facility and handling multiple tasks
 ● Experience with OSHA, FDA, DOT and EPA regulations and state and local requirements (where applicable)
 ● Strong administrative and organizational skills with working knowledge of PC, Google apps, SAP/Oracle and the Internet, as required
 ● Demonstrates strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Educational Requirements
 ● High school diploma required and 5 years equivalent experience