Current Job Openings

Contractor Project Estimator

  • Be proficient in estimate development with 7 plus years of experience in developing estimates for downstream Oil & Gas projects
  • Must be proficient in MS Excel to be able to use the current project estimate template with ease
  • Proficiency in using estimating software is desirable
  • Will be responsible for developing estimates for projects bases on scope provided by Project Managers / Engineers for their project using vendor data or refinery experience on man hours for such scope in alignment with the project team.
  • Responsible for providing assurance on man hours and productivity submitted by project team to ensure a valid estimate is developed for the project scope that will be accurate to the P50 accuracy.
  • Responsible for analyzing all scope elements are built into the estimate through thorough analysis of each WBS elements or other breakup of scope. 
  • Responsible for producing estimate deliverables package (with estimate bassi) appropriate for the project stage gate.
  • Responsible for participating in Estimate risk workshops to establish contingency.
  • Responsible for managing stage gate estimate baselines