PTS Advance and Sidewinders LLC Announce Joint Venture: Sidewinders Advance

Combining Sidewinders’ experience as rotating equipment repair specialists in the power generation industry with PTS Advance’s expertise in staffing skilled trades.  IRVINE, Calif., September 22, 2021- Sidewinders LLC and PTS Advance are pleased to announce a joint venture—Sidewinders Advance. Marrying Sidewinders decades of experience as rotating equipment repair specialists in the power generation industry with PTS Advance’s… Read More »

Dustin House Promoted to President of PTS Advance.

  Driving expansion of service lines and increasing synergies across the HUDDL3 Group of companies, as part of the Executive Committee.   HUDDL3 Group is pleased to announce that Dustin House has been promoted to President of PTS Advance and Chief Revenue Officer at HUDDL3 Group. Through the recent merger with UP Professional Solutions, PTS… Read More »

PTS Advance and UP Professional Solutions align for merger.

HUDDL3 Group invests in expanding staffing footprint to accelerate innovation. Irvine, Calif. – HUDDL3 Group, the parent company of PTS Advance, is excited to announce that it has entered into a binding agreement with UP Professional Solutions in New Orleans, Louisiana, under which the two staffing organizations will be merged. Founded in 1980, UP Professional Solutions has operated as a family business with family values,… Read More »

Important Announcement: PTS Advance becomes a HUDDL3 Group company

  PTS Advance is pleased to announce it is now a Huddl3 Group company, seeing an injection of new leadership talent and resources. With this announcement, PTS Advance is excited to announce a number of leadership appointments and changes that are now in full effect. Dustin House has been hired as Executive Vice President for… Read More »

Finding & Securing The Perfect Job: A Candidate’s Guide

2020 has certainly been an interesting year and has brought about uncertainty for many, on various fronts. It is at this time some may feel a little anxious on the job search front. At PTS Advance we understand this and have put together a guide for candidates on how to best find and secure the… Read More »

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist: Ensure you are not caught off guard!

As we are nearing the peak of the ‘Hurricane Season’ in those states where hurricane activity is rife, we would like to urge everyone to be prepared, stocking up on needed items, and preparing your hurricane kit should a hurricane strike. Please ensure you are prepared by downloading the below Hurricane Preparedness checklist here. Be… Read More »

Postponing turnarounds until 2021? – Things you should consider:

As many businesses continue to feel the impacts brought about by COVID-19 during 2020, there is a lot of industry discussion surrounding turnarounds that have been postponed until 2021. Although 2021 may seem like a long time from now, there is significant planning and sourcing that will be required to ensure these turnarounds are completed… Read More »

PTS COVID-19 – 8 tips to make the most of working from home

During COVID-19 many people have found themselves working from home, and it looks likely to continue for some time. Some of us have really enjoyed the experience; while others have struggled. At PTS Advance we have also been working from home! To help those that may be struggling or for those simply looking for new… Read More »

PTS COVID-19 – 20 tips to keep yourself safe in the workplace!

In the days of COVID-19, many people wonder how they can keep themselves safe in the workplace, other than the usual means of maintaining a 6ft distance from others, wearing a mask, and washing their hands regularly. Below, we have outlined a few handy tips to help keep you safe. In the article, we also… Read More »

PTS COVID-19 – Safety Policy

Purpose The purpose of this procedure is to insure employees, clients, contractors and visitors are provided and understand the requirements for social distancing and PPE during a declared infectious disease epidemic or pandemic, such as COVID-19 crisis. Scope All PTS Advance employees that work on company or client premises are to receive training in “Covid-19”.… Read More »