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With over 65 years of combined experience in sourcing and recruiting, our tenured, discipline specific recruiters have built a robust network of skilled professionals across the industries that move our economy forward. As a company that lives and breathes staff augmentation, access to our Hiring Manager Portal and Private Talent Pool provides another innovative solution to support cutting your costs and allowing your projects to run smoothly.

Hiring Manager Portal

Giving You the Tools to Run A Successful Hiring Process

PTS Advance’s Hiring Manager Portal has you covered when you need a plug-and-play solution to manage your hiring processes. We’ve created a streamlined process under a central solution customizable to fit all of your hiring needs.


Easy To Use

Intuitive Dashboards and Reports to access every step of your hiring pipeline across the organization.

Adv. Control

Design, Monitor and Approve the hiring process from job order creation through onboarding and termination.

One Platform

Streamlined communication in one location, allowing multiple team members to check in and understand where action is required.


Data Driven

Have all of the necessary information at hand to support planning and decision making.

One Format

All key actions in one format that is shared with the service provider.

Resource Saver

Spend less internal resources managing the hiring process and secure better-quality talent on time and within budget.

Private Talent Pool

Giving You The Tools to Attract Talent Before You Need It

You can instantly find and engage trusted talent by utilizing PTS Advance’s Private Talent Pool. We’ve spent decades networking and maintaining relationships with the most skilled professionals in the market to ensure you have access to both active and passive talent with the skillset you need when you need them.

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