Current Job Openings

Project Manager:
Looking for a 10 plus year experienced Project Professional (preferably with a PMP Certification and recent refinery/chemical plant experience) for a period of 18 months with immediate availability and be present at the refinery 5 days per week to perform the following activities.
  • Facilitate the development and selection of a project option to be developed further with the Business Unit/Corporate SME and PMO LT support
  • Develop Process Safety Hazard identification to capture all Process Safety Management (PSM) risks in the selected concept
  • Identify all risks in the execution of the selected concept to ensure adequate contingency can be incorporated in the project estimate
  • Ensure an initial integrated activities planning is held and Construction work areas are identified
  • Coordinate activities for the maturation of the selected project option to develop a high quality estimate, funding requirements, and schedule that are required for the project's capital phase.
  • Coordinate with the Process Design Engineering and site Technical team to assist in the development of the project Process Design Document
  • Develop and update Project Execution Plan as the project progresses through front end loading and detailed engineering & design.
  • Ensure a No Change Mindset is incorporated and all changes to scope are properly approved and captured in a change log
  • Engage with the selected Engineering Firm to develop the scope elements, provide the agreed deliverables required to enable effective project decisions, and develop further plans, drawing packages, funding requirements, and coordination with the site major maintenance team to complete the opportunity within a given timeframe.
  • Ensure PHA, HAZOP and all relevant PSM activities are planned, coordinated and implemented in the design to demonstrate ALARP in design
  • Manage the Engineering firm's development of the IFC package, and insure coordination and support of the refining site's resources, to plan, enable, and gain approval of the field construction required to complete the project option scope.
  • Engage with the Construction team to agree on the cost and schedule for the construction of the project
  • Integrate the Engineering and construction activities into project P6 schedules via project scheduler
  • Ensure proper compliance with other work process within the Asset Management System that relate to a project asset installation - management of field redline drawings, delivery and approval of contractor data books for project equipment installation, and communication of final asset cost investment (project cost used to install/modify involved equipment) with fixed asset accounting.
  • Ensure an integrated activities planning is held and Construction work packs are identified as required
  • Manage the Contract Engineering firm to maintain the project cash flows to be within the approved funding, planned cash flow expenditures, and schedule.
  • Manage and monitor risks to execution of the developed concept to ensure adequate contingency can be incorporated in the project TIC estimate
  • Plan project cost expenditures on a month by month basis and provide cost and schedule updates to cost and schedule control resources on a biweekly basis
  • Coordinate with Supply Chain's refining site and corporate resources to identify approved and/or preferred vendors to build bid tabs or make selections on required project capital equipment, catalysts, material services, 3rd party QA/QC services, and contract engineering support necessary to develop and complete an identified project opportunity.
  • Forecast the initial project cash flows per the TIC, monitor for approved scope changes, rework during shop fabrication causing delays with financial impact, and field discovery scope during construction that has expected project cost impacts and follow-up accordingly with changes to the project's cost forecast.
  • Ensure that the asset being installed is properly accounted for within SAP including Bill of Materials, recommended preventative maintenance, equipment
  • Complete MOC Pre-Startup Safety Review process as part of the PSM process to safely commission and startup the asset
  • At the end of each project, schedule and facilitate discussion for a Lessons Learned session to capture learning for future projects
  • Perform the Project's documentation and financial closeout activities