IRVINE, Calif., September 22, 2021- Sidewinders LLC and PTS Advance are pleased to announce a joint venture—Sidewinders Advance. Marrying Sidewinders decades of experience as rotating equipment repair specialists in the power generation industry with PTS Advance’s deep expertise in staffing skilled trades to become the leading provider of technical staff to the power generation industry.

Glen Peterkin, Co-Owner & President of Sidewinders LLC, with his 30 years’ experience as a Winder and Generator Specialist, will continue to identify, train, and develop talented generator winders. JanEllen M. Peterkin, PE, Sidewinders’ majority owner & CEO, and Kleyton Nascimento, Sidewinders’ Vice President, will offer business acumen and operational expertise as Managing Partners of Sidewinders Advance.

Additional Managing Partners in the Sidewinders Advance venture are staffing industry giants Dustin House and Paul Blues, President and Executive Vice President of PTS Advance. For over 25 years, PTS Advance has supported various clients in the Energy & Infrastructure space, including major Owner-Operators, OEMs, EPCs, maintenance contractors, and more—with well-qualified staff across the various skilled trades disciplines.

Sidewinders Advance’s new Director of Skilled Trades, Trevin Melton, has expertise in managing teams with experience recruiting technicians across a range of skilled trades—bladers, precision millwrights, machinists, AC/DC motor mechanics, welders, pipefitters, certified welding inspectors, and electricians. Drawing on this experience and his knowledge of the compliance landscape around the skilled trades, Trevin will help extend Sidewinders Advance’s reach to support our growing client base.

Sidewinders Advance will expand Sidewinders’ current service offering while continuing to provide service with the same technical competence their customers know and trust. Because of the partnership with PTS Advance, Sidewinders Advance is actively developing more robust databases across all skilled trades disciplines, which will now include bladers, welders, machinists, and mechanics. Sidewinders Advance will be able to improve compliance and training protocols while providing a more robust internal team to drive better efficiencies from mobilization to demobilization. A client can send one request for resources on a given project, and Sidewinders Advance will have EHS-trained, background-checked, highly qualified technicians in a variety of disciplines ready to staff that project.

According to Sidewinders’ CEO, JanEllen M. Peterkin, “We have been working as competitors in the same space, and what kept bringing us back to the table on this joint venture was our desire to combine our respective strengths and revolutionize the skilled trades staffing industry.”

PTS Advance President, Dustin House, commented “We couldn’t be more excited to join forces as Sidewinders Advance. Our teams’ combined experience, capabilities, and deep network of talent will no doubt make us the Center of Excellence for skilled trades staffing solutions across the power industry.” 

At Sidewinders Advance, we’re better together through the combination of Sidewinders’ technical abilities and PTS Advance’s ability to staff more people more efficiently and with an enhanced focus on compliance.

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