We are excited to share two new developments, that we have invested in to drive growth and expansion of the services we offer to customers, as we approach our 25th year in operation.  Dane Groeneveld has been appointed CEO, and the company has been re-branded to become PTS Advance.

Expanding upon a strong reputation in Energy & Infrastructure in the West, PTS Advance will now focus on building a national footprint and will also be developing people and tools to support the Life Sciences industry.

Ronald Stein, the company’s founder, now moves into the role of Ambassador for Energy & Infrastructure. Commenting on the appointment of Groeneveld, Stein suggested “…it is exciting to have new energy and ideas for serving our customers, and it will allow me to commit more time to giving back to the industry through education and advocacy.”

In leading the re-branding exercise, Groeneveld explained “…Our Purpose is ‘to advance business through people, and people through business’. We have a great track record of delivering on this promise, and we intend to team up with our customers and partners to keep coming up with more ways to add value at the career, company, and industry level.”

The company has also adopted the tagline of “Teamwork Reimagined” to reflect the fact that we work most effectively in teams and, by sharing accountability for each other’s objectives, we can achieve solutions to problems that require more than just filling a position on an organizational chart. David Stein, CIO, sums it up nicely “…we adopted remote working, before it was popular, to attract the best talent. Additionally, we have always gone to great lengths to partner with systems providers, training organizations and customers to seek efficiency in our shared business model.”

For more information please visit the new PTS web site at PTSadvance.com