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Electrical Craftsman

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Job purpose
Provide the installation and interconnection of electrical equipment into integrated analytical systems.
  • Mount electrical equipment on rack or building structure.
  • Plan conduit or cable routing for power and signal.
  • Install conduit or cabling.
  • Verify all wiring to design drawings.
  • Power up electrical and communication systems
Duties and responsibilities
  • Mount Equipment 
Install mounting structure - Unistrut, Brackets, Etc.
Mount Equipment according to drawings and confirm spacing for conduit/piping. 
  • Conduit and cable routing
Review drawings for electrical routing.
Confirm conduit wire fill for appropriate conduit size.
Review routing with production supervisor.
  • Install conduit and/or cabling.
                Install conduit according to planned routing.
                Confirm 5 thread engagements.
                Install conduit seals where required.
  • Install and terminate all electrical and communication wiring.
Confirm wire gage is appropriate with load and conduit fill.
        Label all wire terminations according to drawing.
  • Verify all wiring to design drawings.
Redline any changes required on drawing set and confirm with supervisor.
Confirm all terminations are properly tightened.
  • Power up the complete electrical system
Confirm all breakers work properly.
Confirm all switches work properly.
Confirm all signals wiring are functioning properly.
Qualifications include:
  • Knowledge for electrical system installation
  • The ability to use conduit benders for offsets and angles.
  • The ability to use a conduit threading machine.
  • Knowledge and understanding of wire sizing and conduit fill requirements.
  • The ability to use a multimeter for testing electrical circuits.
  • Knowledge of the safety concerns and precautions needed for electrical installations.
Working conditions
Electrical work for analytical projects will be required.
  • Overtime when required for project scheduling.
  • Weekend work when required for project scheduling.
  • Site work for project with field installations
Physical requirements
  • Lifting of heavy electrical equipment for mounting to structure
  • Extended periods of stand on a ladder for overhead conduit and cabling systems
  • Extended periods of standing is required for electrical installations
  • Working in the sun, hi temperatures and low temperatures during site installations