Current Job Openings

Power Plant Operator
New Haven, CT

Position Focus

Provides services to the power plants by coordinating the operation and inspection of the variety of power plant equipment as well as system testing and general plant operation, record keeping and controls operation to achieve maximum operating efficiencies.

Essential Duties

1. Coordinates with the Watch Engineer in the operation and inspection of high pressure boilers, gas turbines, diesel generators, steam turbines, chillers, compressors, cooling towers, fuel systems, all related auxiliary systems and control systems consistent with plant standard operating procedures. 

2. Maintains plant operation computer based records, interprets results, and initiates actions after notifying the watch engineer. 

3.  Reads all gauges and meters, notifies the watch engineer when readings deviate from normal, and takes corrective measures. 

4. Coordinates with the watch engineer and starts or secures all major and auxiliary pieces of equipment, adjusts operating controls of the systems to achieve maximum operating efficiency while responding to changes in electric, steam and chilled water demands. 

5. Tests all water systems, interprets results, and determines the amount of treatment to be added to the water systems to maintain proper residuals. Insures the Watch Engineer is aware of any abnormal or unexpected chemistry conditions. 

6. Reads, understands, uses and updates technical manuals, shop drawings and blue prints. 

7. Uses small tools and instruments. 

8. Locks and tags plant systems as requested by the Watch Engineer. 

9. Selects proper lubricants and lubricates machinery as required. 

10. Performs minor maintenance and touch up painting, maintains clean work area. 

11. Performs related duties as required or assigned. 

12. Observes safety standards and practices. 

13. Trains new hires/transferees in all proper operations, safety standards and practices. 

14. Assists plant supervision in writing and editing plant operational procedures. 

15. May perform other duties as assigned.

Required Education and Experience

1. Must have at least four (4) years of power plant operation. 

2. High School diploma or equivalent preferred.

Required Skill/Ability 1:

Ability to read, write and follow written instructions.

Required Licenses or Certifications

1. Candidates must have a State of CT OE2 license. 

2. Must hold valid Driver's License. 

3. OSHA 10 Certificate.

Physical Requirements

1. Climb ladders in excess of twenty (20) feet (and may ride and work from mechanical lifts; if applicable). Walks on catwalks. 2. Occasional stooping, bending, kneeling and/or squatting. 3. Occasional work on knees. 4. Occasional overhead work. 5. Work in all types of weather. 6. Work in dusty and dirty areas. 7. Work in extreme temperatures (indoors and out) in compliance with OSHA. 8. Moves both arms and shoulders in full and extended motion as necessary while working with tools, equipment and materials. 9. Moves, assembles, lift sand carries equipment, tools and materials of up to 50 lbs. without assistance. This includes from floor to chest height (the reverse is also true). #IND1