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Sr. Process Control Engineer

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The primary function of a Controls Engineer is to solve problems and complete projects aimed at optimizing existing control schemes, reducing manufacturing cost, improving quality, increasing safety, and assisting in design of new facilities. In addition, he must be aware of technological changes in the industry and new products which might prove beneficial to this complex. The Controls Engineer both originates ideas for process improvements and acts on suggestions from other departments.  The incumbent has considerable freedom in method of problem solving and the technical recommendations made. These recommendations frequently involve large potential cost savings and expenditures, and supervisory positions approving them often are not sufficiently expert in that specific area to offer a complete review. Contacts are generally within the company, but also include vendors and technical representatives, consultants, and equipment manufacturers.


Reporting to the Superintendent, Process Engineering, Nitrogen Operations, the Process Control Engineer will be responsible for the development, improvement and maintenance of process control and information.


What you will do:


  • Provide process control expertise for design and implementation of DCS and control configurations of capital projects, MOC's, abnormal operating situations and day-to-day application performance issues.
  • Support, review and maintain the control database, regulatory, supervisory, and advanced applications, and the HMI to ensure operation and integrity of the control and information applications. 
  • Complete engineering review and authentication of process control applications and mentoring to improve the expertise of fellow process control engineers.
  • They support and monitor the HMI, Operator Training System (OTS), for the site Distributed Control System and the SIS safety systems within the facility.
  • Evaluate BPCS and SIS layers of protect taken from LOPA and develop safety requirement specifications to support layer of protection requirements.
  • Evaluate new and existing controls / safety functions and unit operations to improve operating efficiency, production rates, product quality, reliability, return on investment, and meet safety standards.
  • Provide construction and commissioning support of instrumentation and control systems for capital projects.
  • Provide support to Operations on operating problems and to Maintenance Engineering on equipment performance and controls issues.
  • Represent  Augusta for any instrument or controls guidance at seminars and conferences to support any corporate maintenance and reliability committees.